Spring Valley Caverns



Hiawatha Caverns is a highly decorated cave which was discovered in 1962 by workmen who were grading an easement for overhead power lines. Shortly thereafter, this highly decorated cave was commercialized and opened for tours in 1964. Due to unsustainable sales the cave was locked up after the 1966 tourist season. The Minnesota Cave Preserve purchased the cave in 2019 and restoration and exploratory activity is now taking place.

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Original Brochure
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Original brochure.

Purchase day, August 10, 2019. Notice the original ticket building in background.
Purchase Day
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Isn't he a dream!
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John Ackerman in front of the original entrance, which has since been replaced.

Martin Larsen conducts laser measurements for the new entrance.
Martin Larsen
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Amazinf formATIONS.
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This amazing cave dates back to the Lower Ordovician Period of the Paleozoic Era, some 410 to 520 million years old.

The cave is festooned with formations!

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Hiawatha Caverns History