Spring Valley Caverns



By Clive Cusssler

Sacred Stone

Clive Cussler is acclaimed worldwide as the Grandmaster of Adventure. His books are published in more than 40 languages in more than 40 countries. In this fictional book John Ackerman discovers a radioactive meteorite inside a cave that struck the earth 50,000 years ago. Page 40: “This find was huge, like the modern-day opening of a pyramid, like finding an untouched, perfectly preserved shipwreck. With just a little manipulation, the name John Ackerman would be synonymous with great discovery.”




By Cary Griffith

Adventure writer Cary Griffith recounts the riveting story of how cave explorer John Ackerman created David's entrance into Goliath's Cave, effectively circumventing government control of the cave.




By Neven Kresic

Sacred Stone

Water in Karst, by internationally respected geologist and hydrogeologist expert Neven Kresic, is a comprehensive guide to the management and understanding of water as it relates to karst topography. Photos of 14 Minnesota Cave Preserve caves are displayed.





By Cameron Burns & Kerry Burns

Sacred Stone

The stories in Adventure at High Risk represent some of the most gripping and illuminating writing ever penned on the subject of adventure from across the globe. Included in this book is John Ackerman's harrowing account of his discovery into Tyson Spring Cave, now a major Minnesota cave system. Editors Kerry L. Burns and Cameron M. Burns showcase the amazingly vast spectrum that adventure literature offers




Caves and Karst of the Upper Midwest, USA

By Greg A. Brick and E. Calvin Alexander Jr.

Sacred Stone
A comprehensive book dedicated to karst of the Upper Midwest, USA, helping to bridge the gap in coverage between states with common borderss.